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  Programs For All Ages    

Now Accepting  Students for our 2019-2020 Semester   

  Private Lessons    

Maa Sa Akhi offers one-on-one 45 minute private lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice and Violin.   

  Group Lessons      

Our 55 minute group lessons are a fun way to learn and meet peers and make friends with others who are learning music.

Singing and Studio Recording   

Our "I Can Sing and Record" program involves students in the recording process. Weekly vocal classes are taught by director, Hefen Sa-Akhi.  Master workshops and advanced classes are taught by MTV Making The Band IV star celebrity vocal coach Ankh Ra, who carefully hones student's talents, utilizing his decades of experience as a musical/vocal director, composer, producer, performer, coach and educator. Then, these students take their newly developed singing skills into the recording studio to make a personal and group recording.

  Band Program      

Our Band Program includes Rock Band, Jazz Band, and String Ensemble. Students who participate in these programs take supplementary theory and private lessons in their chosen instrument.  Students perform in a variety of shows and events as part of the program.