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Maa Sa Akhi is Now Accepting Students for Our STUPENDOUS Semester of Music ! ! ! !

  June - July  2019 

Tues. - Fri.  3pm - 8pm

Sat. 10am - 4pm

  September 2019 - June  2020 

Tues. - Fri.  3pm - 8pm

Sat. 10am - 4pm

* Piano * Guitar * Drumming  * Vocal / Singing to Record * Music Theory * Jazz Band

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Private, Group: Piano lessons available, beginner to advance levels.  Classical, jazz, and pop styles are taught along with theory and composition.  Students start from the basics of fingering and reading to mastering classics by the masters.


Adults/Seniors Play Piano Now!: Wednesday mornings 10am - 12 noon.


Price: Private $40, Group $24 (class of two or more students)

Sing & Record

Private, Group: Students learn the basics of vocal technique. Classes are taught by star vocal coach Ankh Ra, from MTV's Making the Band 4! Throughout the semester, they master a song in the class, then record it individually and as a group in the studio.


Price: Private Voice $40, Group Singing $24



Group: Kit drum and ethnic drumming classes are conducted, and students in these courses support our band and ensemble classes.


Price: Private $40, Group $24


Group: All students 8 years & older are required to participate in our theory class so that our students can develop a deeper understanding of music.

Price: $16 Group Only


Private/Group: Students learn how to play and read guitar and bass notation, fingering, and performance in classical, jazz, and rock styles.  Beginner to Advanced classes available.


Price: Private, $24, Group $28